Co.Design: Announcing The 54 Finalists In Our Innovation By Design Awards

Co.Design announces the finaists for their “Innovation By Design Award” in the categories:

  • 2D-Design
  • Products
  • Interactive
  • Transportation
  • Spaces
  • Social Good
  • Concepts
  • Student Design

In many ways, the word design is a misnomer. Truly innovative design reaches beyond aesthetics to encompass science, intuition, and emotion. It often asks us to stretch our imagination, to re-imagine what design means and can do.

Such is the case with our second annual Innovation By Design Awards. We fielded entries from around the world, from both massive corporations and one-man-band artists. Our judges–all undisputed experts and visionaries in the field–combed through over 1,200 submissions and chose these 54 finalists as the brightest beacons for the future of design. These projects do myriad things: they tease out our ideas of how big businesses will look in the future, they flip the traditional neighborhood on its head, and take us into outer space.

For now, the projects listed here represent only the finalists. (You can also find and read about them in a feature package in our October issue.) The winners of each category will be announced at our Innovation By Design Awards on October 2, in New York City.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, and to the judges, who made the awards possible. We hope to hear from you next year, and to see your work before then.