Awesome (Research) Photography-Project combines a lot of methods – from storytelling, still photo survey to ethnography aso. …


THE OXFORD PROJECT: Photographs by Peter Feldstein, Text by Stephen G. Bloom, Preface by Gerald Stern, Published by Welcome Books, 264 pages, 10″ x 12 1/2″ more than 300 b/w photographs, flip lenticular cover, Hardcover, $50.00 ($57.50 CAN), ISBN 978-1-59962-048-0

In the storytelling tradition of Studs Terkel and the photographic spirit of Mike Disfarmer, The Oxford Project tells the extraordinary true tale of a seemingly ordinary Midwestern town through the pictures and words of its residents. Equal parts art, American history, cultural anthropology, and human narrative—The Oxford Project is at once personal and universal, surprising and predictable, simple and profound.